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Clurgo is a technology development and consulting partner working with the world’s leading enterprises and most innovative scale-ups, delivering high-quality custom software solutions in the most critical areas of business.

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Piotr Drajski

Co-Founder / Head of Engineering

Piotr is the company’s Senior Engineer with more than a decade of experience in spearheading complex development projects and delivering enterprise-grade systems.

Marcin Zawadzki

Board member / Lead software architect

Marcin builds enterprise software and is responsible for designing solutions and integrating systems.

Krzysztof Dekarz

Technical Leader - Backend

Krzysztof is a multi-faceted engineer and Team Lead with a spectrum of duties, from project estimates and analyses to implementation and code review.

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Why Clurgo?

Clurgo is the kind of place where we always wanted to work - full of smart people, able to develop their passion for technology, enjoying working together, and respecting individual independence at the same time.

Company culture

Our company culture stems from the values we share. First and foremost, we try to treat each other fairly, communicate clearly, and do the right thing - which sometimes means saying ‘No’ nine times and ‘Yes’ only once. We don’t rush to judgment or jump to conclusions. Instead, we try to stay calm, listen, think, and analyze various perspectives. It’s only then that we eventually act by addressing the idea or the situation, not the personality or the pressure.

How we work?

At Clurgo, we managed to master working efficiently as an organization. We have always been a remote-first company (with employees spread across the country since 2015 and clients across the globe), promoting asynchronous communication and leaving a lot of space for deep work, which helps our tech teams deliver quality solutions.

Our values

We care about transparent communication and efficient information flow across the organization. Because of that, our teams meet on a daily basis, we arrange frequent integration meetings after work, and a month our management communicates the most crucial company-related changes or news. Apart from that, we hold a big annual company retreat in a selected location where we all meet, talk and spend quality time together.

Outside the code mode

When we don’t code, drink coffee, or speak to our rubber ducks, we like to socialize. And sometimes we do it big – because the occasion calls for it. That was the case with our 8-year anniversary, which we celebrated during a team retreat in Otwock. The event has been commemorated in the video on the left. Watch it to get a sense of what it’s like to have fun with us.

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    Jasna 14/16a


    Aleja Zwycięstwa 96/98


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job offers

Senior Node.js Backend Developer
Senior Node.js Backend Developer
23 520 - 28 560 PLN
2d ago
23.5k - 28.6k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Cloud DevOps Engineer
21 840 - 28 560 PLN
3d ago
21.8k - 28.6k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Senior Fullstack Java React Developer
Senior Fullstack Java React Developer
26 880 - 31 920 PLN
4d ago
26.9k - 31.9k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote