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Our team in Wrocław is responsible for the development of the Corporate Data League application. We put people before the market and we build relationships on trust and empathy. We believe that having a job you love is a right, and not a privilege.

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Paweł Siwoń

Software Developer

From the beginning of my journey here, it is clear that the company is open and supports my creativity. Every day I meet with best in-their-class engineers to provide data excellence for everyone.

Aleksander Jasiński

IT Administrator

Working at CDQ gives me great opportunities for growth in a modern environment. The wonderful atmosphere in the company gives me a lot of energy to work every day. CDQ is like a second family to me, only bigger 😊

Tomasz Skalniak

Agile Process Manager

CDQ is a family of experts, people trust each other, walk together, share their successes and failures, support each other in self-development and help to get on the right track after going in the wrong direction.

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Every company has customers and suppliers. Every company requires current, complete data for these business partners. We believe that those requirements can be met by successful data sharing economy. The CDL (Corporate Data League) that we develop seizes this potential: A unique network of global corporations for joint maintenance of business partner data. In addition to direct usage, made possible by high data quality and minimal effort in data management.

CDQ Poland

We are part of the CDQ AG - company founded in 2006, currently one of the leading organizations providing management consulting, solutions and training services in the area of corporate data quality management. We believe that Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) can boost the value of most critical companies assets.
Our team in Wrocław is responsible for the development of the CDL application. In CDQ we put people before the market and we build relationships on trust and empathy.

Our values : sharing

We know that data sharing is the best way to better data. At CDQ, we make sharing reality – it is part of our DNA. Sharing is important for us in many more aspects: we share knowledge, successes and failures together as one team.


Data sharing, as 'the next big thing’, is a giant opportunity for all of us and we want to be the leading light. We must grow fast and strong to use this window of opportunity. Additionally, we want to grow our knowledge and expertise as well as our own personalities - we are open to suggestions and feedback by others.


We are focused in order to achieve growth, high customer satisfaction, innovation and a unique product. In this fast-paced environment, we prioritize on what will give us and our customers greatest impact. We work as one team, focused on the same goals.


We set ourselves ambitious goals to make data sharing happen and try to overachieve our targets together as a team. We challenge the status quo, we seek continuous improvement to deliver the best possible services to our internal and external clients and we co-innovate with our community.


We respect everyone, we interact respectfully and talk at eye level. At CDQ, you can come as you are. When dealing with any form of company resources (personal, financial, environmental) we act responsibly

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    Rysia 1a

    St. Gallen

    Lukasstraße 4


    Albrechtstraße 8

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job offers

Site Reliability Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
22 000 - 26 000 PLN
22k - 26k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Agile/Scrum Master
Agile/Scrum Master
16 000 - 21 000 PLN
16k - 21k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
EnglishCommunication SkillsScrum Master
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
20 000 - 25 500 PLN
20k - 25.5k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Test Casestest strategiesAPI Testing
Salesforce Developer
Salesforce Developer
19 000 - 24 000 PLN
19k - 24k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Java Tech Leader
Java Tech Leader
24 000 - 27 000 PLN
24k - 27k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
FusekiSpring BootJava