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We provide Data Management, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Compliance services to Fortune 500 companies. We are experts working around the globe and combine business and process insights with tech expertise to develop state-of-the-art IT solutions.
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Azure Data Engineer

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C&F S.A.
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Joanna Różycka
Data Engineer

At work I need to feel that I am growing. Leadership at C&F trusts people a lot, which means that there are many opportunities to get involved in projects and gain new knowledge and competences.

Szymon Winnicki
BI Developer

What I love the most about C&F is the fact that the environment is built on trust, not pressure. Once you gain the trust of your manager, you can be sure that they won’t be breathing down your neck.

Jakub Lubowicki
Senior Software Engineer

Working at C&F gives you a sense of belonging and participating in something important. As a team, we take care of each other, motivate, and share good energy. This translates into the quality of what we do.

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Our culture

We are a close-knit team of 410+ dedicated professionals who create a workplace based on respect for individuals, commonly shared values of openness and professionalism and a culture that rewards impact and cooperation.

Knowledge sharing

We are a knowledge-based company. We have created an environment conducive to the free flow of expertise and experience, allowing our colleagues to get involved, absorb, and grow. This gives us the opportunity to constantly expand our technical expertise and maximize the team’s professional growth. Check out our experts sharing their insights on our company Medium.com blog.

Top-tier projects

We have been working for top global industry leaders in Life Science and regulated industries for over 20 years. We carry out meaningful projects with great impact, such as boosting the COVID-19 vaccine’s production by digitally enhancing manufacturing operations, or joining the ICU-M project enabling the management of national resources in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic (in Germany).

Resilient organization

We effectively manage risk every day. We are a safe, crisis-resistant organization that maintains business continuity in demanding conditions. We are a reliable, long-term employer.

Staying active together

We practice running and Nordic walking under the supervision of a professional trainers and chill at yoga sessions. Our Running Team members are frequent flyers in Poland Business Run, the Warsaw Marathon and Runmageddon, not to mention a plethora of charity runs.

C&F4GOOD grant program

We enjoy working in a fast, supportive, and growing environment. However, there’s more to life than work, right? We help those in need, are active after hours and take action to support eco-friendly initiatives. We’ve set up a special grant fund to support individuals and organizations. In 2020, we helped a total of 24 charities.

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C&F Data Driven Innovators – Medium
C&F Data Driven Innovators – Medium

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Azure Data Engineer

Azure Data Engineer

Undisclosed Salary
6d ago
C&F S.A.