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bPol is a software house that helps companies across the globe embrace digital transformation. We deliver value to our customers in three main categories: Extended Teams; Product Building; Consultancy.

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Bernhard Huber

Co-founder, VP

One of the founders of bPol and a true veteran of the IT industry. In his 20-year career he not only coded, but was also an SEO and a business consultant. He appreciates the hands-on experience. A huge MTB fan!

Marek Krokwa

Co-founder, CTO

Our CTO and co-founder not only solves problems daily, but also specializes in development and architecture. After working hours, he is passionate about 3D printing, building with Lego Technics bricks and photovoltaics.

Agnieszka Rutkowska

Office Manager

Thanks to Aga, our office operates as efficiently as possible. She is based in Warsaw and supports the management. Additionally, she coordinates the recruitment process. Surely the nicest person at bPol!

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Engineering Culture

The digital transformation that we deal with is to make life easier, use the benefits of new technologies and solve customer problems. In our team, we are guided by the philosophy of an engineering approach to projects. A computer scientist or programmer is not only an academic title or the name of a profession. It is fixing broken things, evaluating good ideas and solving even the most difficult problems. At bPol, we focus on creativity and coping with challenges together, as engineers.

International Environment

In the picture you can see 7 nationalities. bPol is a place where we exchange experiences of different cultures and gain from the diversity. The international work environment includes customers operating in different parts of the world, but also a diverse team that gives even more opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience. Tolerance and mutual respect are the overarching values that guide us on a daily basis. We value concise communication and we can support your language development.

Engaging Projects

We are hungry for new challenges and regularly implement various projects for the leaders of their respective industries from all over the world. If, like us, you love to create, invent and pave the way for completely new paths, bPol will be a place where you will feel great. We are happy to implement greenfield projects, and the maintenance of existing solutions is only a small part of our activity. We love everything new, fresh and challenging. That is why there is no time for boredom with us.

Stability and Zen

We are not a code factory where you have to increase your productivity every day without confidence about your future. We know how important it is to feel stable and comfortable in the workplace. We focus on partnership relations and that is why from the beginning of our cooperation you receive a great credit of trust and freedom of action. We believe that you know best what path is best to reach the goal that we have set in our team, which is why the effects of actions are most important to us.

Skills Development

At bPol, we focus on a transparent career path and continuous development of employees. We use competence maps and regularly assess progress, but your expectations and needs are always the most important for us, because we care about partner relationships and a work environment that brings benefits to everyone. More experienced colleagues are always ready to provide you with advice, experience or mentoring. We believe that such a philosophy is the best way to establish long-term cooperation.

Flexibility and Benefits

We want you to feel at home with us. That is why we have a playroom in our office, we go on joint integration trips, we provide private medical and gym membership. You can work for us remotely. We will also equip you with the highest quality business equipment that will ensure optimal comfort. We also realize that work is not everything, therefore you can flexibly adjust the schedule to your lifestyle. We believe that freedom of action works much better than a rigid hierarchy.

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