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Bidda is a blockchain-based booking system that allows its users to freely trade their appointments at various services providers. Your free calendar slots become a tradable asset and your clients are now owners of each term/date/appointment.


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Patrick Tluszcz


A developer with over 5 years experience as a Fullstack Developer. From the very beginning of his career, he has been closely associated with the start-up environment, including the medtech industry.

Maksymilian Kościsz


UX and UI designer with over 5 years experience. His specialization mainly covers the fintech industry. Holds the position of head of product and design. Responsible for product design, optimization and development.

Aleksandra Kopeć


Lawyer specializing in capital market law and in the law of new technologies. Her professional interests include innovations in the financial market - particular blockchain / DLT, cryptoassets, artificial intelligence).

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How to book services in the 21st Century presents an innovative way of booking appointments with doctors, beauticians, hairdressers ... you choose! And all of that thanks to the auction system that allows you to properly price each service you want. Find out more about investment opportunities for you and your company by clicking here


1. No more waiting for a visit
2. Can pay as much as he pleases
3. Able to flexibly resell the visit

Service Providers

1. Auction means higher income
2. Access to capital through long-term appointments
3. Additional place to promote the business


1. Buy $BIDA tokens or visits
2. Able to invest in the calendar slots / vouchers
3. Lend money collateralized by calendar slots
4. Or keep it as a long-term investment

How does it work?

1. Find the date & service you need
2. Win an auction
3. Enjoy your visit!

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