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About us
BanqUP is an API-driven platform for open banking solutions, allowing for banks and fintech companies to access a number of European banking APIs.

BanqUP helps TPPs and banks quickly access open banking ecosystem and analyze banking data, allowing them to create bold and innovative solutions, as well as cross-sell and up-sell their existing product.
Company size
Our team
Krzysztof Pulkiewicz
Krzysztof is an experienced IT Manager, speaker and entrepreneur, always willing to help with difficult challenges. After hours you will meet him at Copacabana fight club.
Anna Ciesielska
Anna is taking care of our operations. You will meet her during recruitment process, she will provide you with all the things you need. She is crazy about her Beagle, you can easily find her running with this lazy dog 😉
Łukasz Chmielewski
Łukasz is our Luke Skywalker designing our API architecture and connectors. He mostly creates terrible scribbles on our whiteboard. He is a master of CrossFit so be polite.
Natalia Zielińska
She is like a flight controller regarding every change and the feature in our product. Sitting in the middle of our office she has an eye on everyone! For her, the season for cycling slalom between cars never ends.
Piotr Szyperski
Lead Developer
Piotrek is an API ninja. He’s the mentor of newcomers helping to get them up and to run quickly with our secret sauce.
Piotr Borowski​
System Analyst
Piotrek is the youngest member of our team. He analyzes documents and translates into digestible scripts for the rest. He is a party animal, easy to find in the city.
Rafał Orłowski​
System Analyst, Customer Support
Rafał helps our international clients to become even more happy. He has a great chemistry background and teaches us to mix unusual, but great cocktails.
Agnieszka Zarzycka
System Analyst, Customer Support
Agnieszka is keeping our Support Team working smoothly like a Swiss clockwork. Apart from climbing to our office on the 13th floor, she is a professional mountain guide.
Palina Taraszkiewicz
Assistant Office Manager
Pola found her inner purpose in bringing happiness to our Team. She ensures that employees both in-office and remote are able to do the best work by removing friction and enabling staff to thrive in their work lives.
Our offices

Warszawa, Aleje Jerozolimskie123 a - 52.2248373, 20.9912719

Kontich, Prins Boudewijnlaan 24A - 51.1405677, 4.438806

Company insight
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Our Technology
We are a hand-picked team of friends and specialists that create innovative products using cutting-edge tech and learning new things every day. We work with, among many, .NET Core 2.2 (soon 3.0), both sql and nosql databases (Azure SQL, MongoDB) and Docker with Kubernetes. We also leverage multiple cloud services like API Management, CosmosDB or AKS. To do it effectively we partner with Microsoft, so you can meet great technical advisors and mentors at the office!
Some facts
We have started our platform in 2018, founded by a team of fintech innovators with IT, as well as startup and banking industry experience. Supported by our friends - founders of Belgian consultancy company, we have created our state-of the-art APIHub platform. We have offices in Kontich, Belgium and Warsaw, Poland. We are currently working with 8 banks in 6 different European countries.
Our Social Responsibility
We are a team of technology enthusiasts, but we love to use our techno-powers for good. We take part in events where our skills can make the world a better place, and work together on solutions to real-life problems.

Open Banking Hackaton, Warsaw, 2019