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We are one of the leading companies in board game design and manufacture, currently aiming to introduce several innovative products in the digital areas.
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Taking care of people and documents is all Kamil cares about. Our specialist within HR will try his best to protect you from formal hardships and complications. :D


First contact with our company. He will take care of you from the beginning of the recruitment to the employment process. Every guild needs a recruiter to gather the best party members!

Lead Unity Developer

Each project needs a leader, so our game: Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon has Dominik. We cannot imagine anyone else doing this job ^^

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Inspiration is our goal! We are one of the largest publishers of board games in Poland! Our most popular titles are This War of Mine: The Board Game, Tainted Grail: The fall of Avalon, and Nemesis. As Awaken Realms we try to be more than a company. Our job means more than a duty nad our people are what makes it all possible. Remember!: - we don't work as a corporation, - we're not using ticket systems, - we love new challenges! So if you're interested join us and change the game with us!


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