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We are the leading consumer product platform. We build, acquire, and partner with brands, harnessing proprietary software and an agile supply chain to create top-selling consumer products.


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Małgorzata Sadza

Creative Director

As our Creative Director, Małgorzata oversees a talented team of designers, while also shaping our brands with her forward-thinking vision.

Tomasz Hanc

Supply Engine Team Lead

As a Supply Engine Team Lead in Internal Software Development, Tomasz is responsible for ensuring our software solves significant business problems.

Jens Wachtel

Team Lead

As a Software Development Team Lead, Jens is responsible for streamlining and visualizing financial data around our products in AIMEE such as "real-time" sales and profit & loss calculations.

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Who We Are

We are Aterian, a tech progressive fast growing e-commerce company founded in 2014. Like most young companies we had a humble beginning, with nothing more than an ambitious idea to change the way e-commerce works. Today, we are proud to say that we have multiple successful brands to our name and hundreds of talented people working for us from all over the world. We’ve built our world-class consumer product platform with a world-class team, and more bright minds are always welcome.

A Global & Diverse Team

Boundary-pushing tools are built by boundary-pushing humans. Our team draws from a range of backgrounds to envision the future of products, together. With offices in America, Poland, Israel, China and the Philippines — and remote employees in France, Australia, Croatia. We believe in diversity and equal opportunity for all of our employees. We have an ambitious, and fast-paced team, and our work culture can be described as fun, humble and always up for jumping on a call with a cup of coffee!

Our Benefits

We understand the importance of work-life balance. At Aterian, we offer a range of benefits including flexible working hours, generous paid time off (unlimited PTO, but a minimum of 4 weeks is required!), additional training and workshops, and free treats and snacks when you work from the office.

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