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About us
By implementing a mature data analysis process, we raise our clients to the next level in the development of their company. Thanks to the tools we have built, we conduct and control the process fully - from obtaining data, to analyzing and implementing solutions.

Appsilon offers high-quality data analysis for enterprise-type customers. We solve customer problems that require both our analytical and technical skills.

If you would like to work on interesting business projects, in constant contact with the client, this is the place for you.
Company size
Data Science
Our team
Filip Stachura
Filip, he runs the organization fluently and he represents us outside. He misses programming 👨‍💻
Marek Rogala
Marek makes sure that the technologies we use and create are from the future. 🤖
Olga Mierzwa-Sulima
Senior Data Scientist
Olga - a brilliant Data Scientist and organizer of Data Scientists meetings - Warsaw R & RLadies Meetups. You can often meet her at R-conferences all over the world - as a speaker and participant. 💪🏻
Our offices

Warszawa, Chmielna 21 - 52.232197, 21.014567

Gdańsk, Grunwaldzka 212 - 54.387982, 18.589449

Company insight
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Ambitious projects 🧠👩‍💻
At Appsilon you'll carry out extremely interesting projects on the edge of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. One day we process satellite images in search of ships, the second one analyzes sales data from many years for an international company. If you want to show our clients that impossible tasks are everyday bread for us, then we invite you to the team :)
Open Source and conferences
We believe in Open Source and we try to demonstrate it by publishing Shiny R packages.
Almost every month, members of our team perform on stages of international conferences, from Australia to Las Vegas, presenting our latest achievements in the field of Data Science and R technology.
„Work-life integrity”
You don't have to worry about the balance between work and life. For us, these zones are not competitors for each other.

The work is to support your life goals.

You don't have to stay at work after hours. Do you have something to do in the city during the day? No problem. You're pregnant? We are happy that our family is growing!
And if you want to stay longer, you like working at the weekend or the best ideas come to you during the evening shower - do it!
You decide.
The whole world at your fingertips 🌎
You will work with clients from around the world.
You can hear our presentations in Wrocław and places as distant as Australia.
Do you want to go to Texas and perform at an international conference? With us it's possible;)
Your development is important 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓
Regardless of where you are in your career - we will support you fully in your development. With us, you will not only learn new technologies, packages or hacking tricks but all together we learn public speaking and writing, because we love to share knowledge. Read more at
Warszawa / Gdańsk 🏖
Do you want to move to the seaside for the holidays?
We have offices in two cities and we give you the choice of where you would like to work and live.
Table football and favorite fruits ⚽🍓🥑
Fruits, delicious coffee, table football ... yes, you can find it here. Tell us what you like and we will try to organize it.
Because it is important that you feel good here.
Grab the money for the recommendation!💸
We hire the best to our team.
Do you know anyone who fits our ads? For the recommendation of a good candidate you will get up to PLN 9000 from us!
Interested? Write to