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In 7ninjas we work with the whole variety of clients. We create additional services for established companies like Dior but also help partners to do their business from a scratch like we did with Flymble.

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our team
Vadym Petrychenko

Co-founder & CEO

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, cutting-edge technology, and adventurous lifestyle. My passion and 7+ years of experience in the software development brought me into becoming co-founder & CEO of 7ninjas.

Yevhen Malinin

Co-founder & Head of Business Development

I am focused on quality and results. I help clients to materialise the vision and shape the idea into business plan of successful Digital Product.

Agnieszka Drąg

Head of HR

I am passionate about people. I simply believe that we all have a huge potential, and my job is to find a way to make it shine.

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Get to know us

7ninjas provides Product Design (including product discovery, designs, click-able prototypes).
We are also passionate about Product Development (using: JavaScript, Node.js, React and React Native).
7ninjas believes that:
People are the most important part of the company,
Trust is more important than control,
The community has the highest value than structure,
Innovation is more valuable than predictability,
Chaos is sometimes better than perfect bureaucracy.


The real value of 7ninjas is the team that has an impact on the character of the company, can actively create and develop the business. The team can take an actual part in developing the procedures. Being a part of the team you can freely express your opinions.
We believe that taking decisions allows you to learn more about yourself. Taking decisions create higher standards. Decisions lead to changes. Decisions make you stand out and the last but not least the decisions make you feel alive.

Main division

7ninjas believes in one simple rule: We can solve any problem! Devote 10% of your attention to understanding the problem and the other 90% to finding a solution.
There is always a solution, but you need to find an answer to the question: “how?”. If you do not look, you will not find it.
Everything is difficult before it becomes easy. Walking used to be difficult too.
If you cannot do something at first, learn how to do it. Talent is only a tiny fraction of success. The rest is simply hard work.

The office

The head office is located in Rzeszow. What do we have under the roof?
A big OpenSpace where all team can collaborate and create incredible projects. For meetings and interviews, we provide a really comfortable place such a ConfRoom.
Playroom a social place where we can play or get the thoughts scooped.
Boardroom where the “Three Musketeers” are developing business plans and development strategies.
The kitchen where we can share the meals.
7ninjas also provides parking for bicycles and cars.


At 7ninjas we all so passionate about the food. We believe that shared meals allow taking a break in performing everyday tasks. They allow to develop and maintain relationships. And the least but not least shared meals just simply taste better in the company.

our office

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