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PIN-UP.TECH: innovative approaches to product development and talent search


The success of IT business lies not only in quality products and services, but first and foremost in motivated employees with strong expertise. Constant development, openness to innovative solutions and readiness to make a global impact on the world of technology are fundamental qualities for working in tech.


An excellent example of this is PIN-UP.TECH – the direction of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem, specialising in creating cut-edge products for the iGaming industry.

PIN-UP Global is a full-cycle ecosystem with its own products and services for the gambling industry. More than 2400 specialists are engaged in software development, customer service, management, marketing, legal and financial support and much more. Today, PIN-UP has offices in seven countries (Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Peru, India) and its activities are divided into eight different areas — PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.CRM, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.PLAY, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN-UP.TEAM, PIN-UP.INVESTMENTS.

Technology and Development

PIN-UP.TECH is a team of developers, analysts, engineers, architects and other technical specialists producing and maintaining products of the PIN-UP ecosystem. It specialises in research, implementation, deployment and support of IT solutions, i.e. it provides the PIN-UP Global ecosystem with all the necessary tools and products for efficient and effective operations. PIN-UP.TECH also works on B2B products to provide services to other consumer companies.

Here is just a part of the technology stack of the PIN-UP.TECH: GitOps, Consul, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redshift, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, AWS.

PIN-UP.TECH uses modern technology stack for iGaming software development. These are Golang, Angular, PHP and Python as programming languages, modern approaches and methods in development – High Load, Big Data, High Availability, High Scalability, Realtime and Low Latency. PIN-UP.TECH is also at the start of implementation of Data lake repository in the stack, which will allow to store large data sets and operate them much more efficiently.

The integrated approach to development ensures continuous quality improvement, process optimisation and expansion of the range of unique products. Among them are iGaming platforms, affiliate system, marketing tools, CRM, native applications and fintech solutions. The team is also developing a unique Anti-fraud tools product designed to combat fraud, which will soon be available on the external market.

“The use of modern technical and technological stack, approaches, tools and frameworks, design and product mechanisms makes us market leaders. We create original ideas and solutions because we have the most important resource for any company – the strongest experts. Correct and effective long-term strategic decisions allow us to work for the future without fear of crises and shocks. Friendly, well-coordinated and efficient team allows us to work and support each other even in difficult conditions, and investment in promising directions and solutions allows us to be always one step ahead,” emphasises Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering at PIN-UP.TECH.

Why Experts Choose PIN-UP.TECH

One of the key elements of PIN-UP.TECH’s success is the team itself. More than 400 professionals from different countries communicate in the language of technology, forming a well-coordinated mechanism where mutual support and willingness to share experience are valued along with proactivity and responsibility.

Currently, the team’s development vector is aimed at deepening expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialists will be able not only to put their expertise into practice by implementing the world’s best practices, but also to expand it by researching and solving unique problems.

“At PIN-UP.TECH we have found the perfect working balance: every day you advance in complex ambitious tasks, fulfil regular smaller ones, which helps you to vividly feel the value you bring, and at the same time you have enough freedom to directly influence both internal processes and the final result. Why do niche experts come to PIN-UP.TECH? It’s easy to feel involved in creating something high-tech, complex and changing the whole industry,” says Volodymyr Todurov, Chief Analytics Officer.

In addition to a favourable environment to realise their professional ambitions, PIN-UP.TECH provides professionals with everything they need to be productive:

  • competitive remuneration in the technology market;
  • co-operation in accordance with the laws of the country of operation
  • regular internal and external training;
  • extensive social package with various additional options depending on the location of the specialist;
  • relocation to Poland, Cyprus or any other country where PIN-UP Global has an office and support at every stage of the process;
  • modern offices in seven countries, equipped with everything you may need for your work.

Growth Prospects

PIN-UP.TECH provides specialists not only with comfortable conditions for professional growth and unique development experience, but also gives them an opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of iGaming. Here every team member on a permanent basis expresses his/her ideas, implements them, offers new solutions and directly influences the optimisation of internal processes. Thus, the ecosystem implements a win-win strategy: by strengthening expertise, PIN-UP grows and covers new geos, while specialists gain experience and build their careers in a place where every promising idea is heard and all resources are provided for its realisation.

PIN-UP Global values ambition, the ability to achieve goals and the desire to develop, so it is not surprising that the majority of management positions here are held by specialists who have grown professionally within the ecosystem.

Currently, PIN-UP.TECH has open positions, including DevOps Engineer, Head of Technology, Head of AI/ML, positions of architects and developers, with the possibility of relocation to countries where the ecosystem has offices.

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